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Maximize crop performance and ROI

Introducing the first plant amendment derived from 100% Sargassum natans and S. fluitans species, one of the world’s fastest growing seaweeds, found in the Caribbean.


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Product Benefits

“Root Development” simply isn’t enough. Root System Architecture (RSA) is the secret to maximizing ROI and giving your crops a fighting chance against abiotic stress.

The unique formulation of the Total Plant Tonic TM influences this root trait, which means more efficient roots for maximum crop nutrient and water uptake.

This allows growers to benefit from our winning formula:

Savings on Fertilizer Cost + Increased Crop Yield + Reduced Abiotic Stress = Maximum ROI

Maximum flower set and fruit retention

Most fertilizers focus on vegetative growth, resulting in overgrown plants with limited flowering and fruit set. This product allows plants to focus photosynthetic energy on heavy flowering and forming bigger fruit, rather than bigger leaves and taller plants.The result? Get more marketable yield per plant.

Micronutrient deficiency correction

Chances are you’ve been feeding your plants mainly macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Did you know that plants need up to 17 nutrients for optimal growth?. We’ve got you covered: this product improves the uptake of 10 key nutrients (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Z, B, S, Fe)

“We recommend a full panel soil test to determine nutrient availability. If the nutrients are available in the soil, this product will aid in their uptake. Guaranteed.”

Save up to 20% on Fertilizer

Fertilizer can be one of the most expensive and easily wasted inputs. With poor root development, plants only absorb a fraction of the nutrients you feed them, resulting in wastage and increased cost. This product stimulates, dense, vigorous root development, which allows your plants to maximize water and nutrient uptake, for optimal performance. This can save money on fertilizer and irrigation costs as part of a balanced crop nutrient programme.

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